Never Miss Twice

Never Miss Twice

We've all been there. Fired up to reach a new goal, start a new diet or fitness regimen. We come out of the gates hard and build some momentum. We see some results. It's exciting and gets us even more pumped to stay the course.

Somewhere along the line though, the monotony sets in. We don't have the same vigor that keeps us on track. Sure, you're still sticking to the plan, but in internal drive is starting to show some cracks. What was once a bulletproof mindset is starting to get vulnerable.

Then the inevitable happens: you fall off the wagon for a second. You reach for that doughnut at the office. You miss a workout.

Since you're still early in the cycle, you jump back in even harder than before.

But the next time you stumble, the effects last a little longer. The office doughnut on Monday turns into a brownie after lunch on Tuesday. Which turns into a cookie at lunch and some ice cream after dinner on Wednesday.

Before you know it, you are right back where you started - or maybe even worse.

Momentum works like this. It can build on both sides. Momentum can carry you toward a goal, and even quicker derail and erase all the progress you've made. There is a different way, but first, let's talk about the greatest basketball player of all time.

Michael Jordan 

Michael Jordan is widely considered the greatest basketball player of all time (and that really hurts this lifelong Lakers fan to write!). He averaged just over 30 points per game for his entire career. He is the model of not just consistency, but consistent excellence.

That doesn't mean he didn't have a bad game from time to time.

Whenever Jordan had a game in which he score 15 points or less, he came back the next game and scored over 40. Every. Single. Time.

Michael never had two bad games in a row. He looked at what he did, evaluated things honestly, and changed course. 

He never missed twice.

How You Can Be Like Mike

Never miss twice is a philosophy and a mindset. 

It adds flexibility to your life. No one is going to be perfect every day of their lives. You are going to grab a doughnut from time to time. You are going to miss workouts. You are going to have less than optimal sleep.

Never miss twice gives you permission to do just that. It gives permission for life to happen.

All you have to do the next day is get right back on the horse. No need to punish yourself and double up either - just get right back on the program.

Changing your mindset and your habits, both mental and physical, is the unlock to achieving your health and fitness goals.

Never miss twice is a cheat code. Make this a part of your mental toolbox today.

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