Lifting Weights Helps Older Adults Live Longer

Lifting Weights Helps Older Adults Live Longer

Strength training is not just for the young and jacked. It's also not just a means for being strong or looking good naked.

According to a study from Penn State, strength training can help older adults live longer.

Researchers surveyed people age 65 or older about their exercise habits then spent the next 15 years tracking them. About a third of study participants died during the course of the study.

About 9% of the subjects participated in strength training, but those folks were 46% less likely to pass during the study period.

Even after controlling for BMI, chronic conditions, and other physical habits like smoking and drinking, participants who grabbed a barbell were 19% less likely to die.

The message is simple clear: you need to be strength training. 

A solid strength training routine will keep you stronger and more independent in your golden years, and will help not only make more of those golden years possible, but make the quality of them really worth living.

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