Good News! Those Sugary Drinks Are Killing You

Good News! Those Sugary Drinks Are Killing You

In what may be the least surprising study results in the history of ever, researchers at Harvard have shown that the more sugary drinks a person consumes, the higher their risk of death, particularly death from cardiovascular disease.

After adjusting for major diet and lifestyle factors, smoking for instance, researchers found that the more someone drank sugary beverages, the higher their premature, all-cause mortality is.

Interestingly enough, the risk was higher in women than men.

The breakdown looks like this:

  • Drinking one to four sugary drinks per month was linked with a 1% increased risk
  • Two to six per week with a 6% increase
  • One to two per day with a 14% increase
  • Two or more per day with a 21% increase

So having a soda with lunch then another with dinner makes you 21% more likely to die prematurely.

 To get into more detail, the study found a particularly strong link between drinking sugary crap and an elevated risk of dying from heart disease. 

People who drank 2 servings per day were 31% more likely to die from cardiovascular disease, and that number went up by 10% with each additional daily serving.

So if you read our articles often or take our products, you probably aren't the type of person who needs a scientific study to tell you that you shouldn't drink a bunch of sugar crap all day.

Unfortunately, consumption of these drinks is on the rise globally, so it's important that this work continues to be done.


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