Fasting-Mimicking Diet Shows Promise for Treating IBD

Fasting-Mimicking Diet Shows Promise for Treating IBD

Researchers at USC have recently published some findings that will be very encouraging to people suffering from inflammatory bowel disease.

Published in Cell Reports, the new study provided evidence that low-calorie, fasting mimicking diets reduce inflammation and heal the gut simultaneously. 

To explain further, intestinal inflammation was reduced and intestinal stem cells increased due to a proliferation of healthy microbiota. One of the study authors was Valter Longo, the preeminent proponent of fasting mimicking diet research.

"This study for the first time combines two worlds of research." -Valter Longo

"This study for the first time combines two worlds of research," Longo said. 

"The first is about what you should eat every day, and many studies point to a diet rich in vegetables, nuts and olive oil. The second is fasting and its effects on inflammation, regeneration and aging."

Longo also said that the fasting mimicking diet is superior to water only fasting for a couple of reasons.

First is simple adherence. Water fasting is difficult, especially with a modern lifestyle. Many people simply will not stick to it.

Secondly, according to Longo, it's safer. A drastic reduction in calories that doesn't drop to an outright zero has less potential for deleterious effects. 

Longo continues to come out with powerful research that demonstrates the effectiveness of fasting mimicking diets for longevity and health.

For those of us with a modern lifestyle who eat constantly, the body never gets the chance to reset itself and thus the inflammatory response is near constant.

We are all likely to benefit from regular intervals of massively reduced caloric intake.

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