Benefits of Drinking Kombucha

Benefits of Drinking Kombucha

Earlier this week, we posted an article called What is Kombucha. Today, we want to talk a bit about the benefits of drinking kombucha.

Before we get into the real benefits though, let's debunk a few of the more bizarre claims some folks make about the drink.

Not A Magic Elixir

If you go deep enough down the internet rabbit hole, you can find all sorts of nonsense surrounding kombucha. 

Some people will claim it can cure cancer, blood pressure problems, even going so far as to claim it can remedy gray hair and erectile disfunction.

Sorry gentlemen, you aren't going to rewind the clock in your pants to your twenties by drinking kombucha every day.

All of this is nonsense propagated by the same kind of people who think that crystals heal joint pain - and it's so unnecessary because the actual benefits of drinking kombucha are good enough on their own.

Taking Care of Your Gut

As we talked about earlier this week, kombucha is a fermented food. Fermented foods like kimchee, sauerkraut, and kefir all have incredible benefits for the gut biome.

They carry with them live cultures of probiotics. Over time, eating and drinking probiotic (and prebiotic) foods seed the gut with beneficial bacteria, and the health benefits are worth looking into.

Science is just starting to understand the role of the gut biome in our overall health, but what we do know now is that it plays a role in everything from digestion, nutrient absorption, all the way to our mood.

Drinking kombucha is an easy way to get your probiotics in, and with so many brands on the market right now, you can find one that you enjoy and can drink daily. 

Visit our YouTube channel to see a taste test of four popular brands of kombucha.

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