80 Facts About Sleep You Didn't Know - An InfoGraphic

80 Facts About Sleep You Didn't Know - An InfoGraphic

The team from DisturbMeNot.co recently created a beautiful infographic with facts and stats about sleep that you've probably never come across.

Understanding sleep and the importance of it on your performance can't be understated. If you want to perform well in your profession, in your sport, or in the gym, you need to be cultivating your sleep.

Take a look below and get your mind blown. You can also visit our friends at DisturbMeNot for the original sleep facts post.


Sleep Infographic

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  • I suggest you check out Dr Stasha Gominak, who claims Vitamin D and B5 (pantothenic acid) play a critical role in our sleep quality. I’m following her method and was able to get out of a very tough situation with sleep apnea. I have been a big fan of your Magnesium for a long time, and now considering your D & K2. The super high mount of B5 in your B-complex wouldn’t work with her method (called the RightSleep method on her website), by the way, where each person needs to find his or her own unique dosage by incrementally changing the B intake. So a B-complex product with a smaller dose per capsule would make it easier for people to fine-tune the B intake. Since you seem like a company that cares about quality, I would love it if you could feed this back into your product development discussions. Thank you!!

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